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Cynthia Spurrier

Head Coach

2010 Alberta Gymnastics Federation - Outstanding Recreational Coach

Coach Cynthia was born in High River and raised in Calgary. She has a diploma in Reclamation and an applied degree in Environmental Management. She is mom to 3 kids and owns Royal Services (plumbing, heating and gas fitting) with her husband Jason. In her spare time Cynthia's alter ego, Little Smarty the Clown does clowning all over central Alberta.

Cynthia has been with our club since moving to Sundre in 2005 and coaching Gymnastics since 2000. Her coaching career began when her son was in gymnastics in Calgary. She started out as a volunteer and enjoyed it so much that she joined the adult classes at which time the owner asked if she would coach one class a week.

This soon led to more classes and then finally a full time position. What Cynthia loves about coaching is seeing the kids improve from week to week and their excitement and love for the sport. She teaches a variety of classes from 18 months all the way to 16 years+. Cynthia is quoted saying, “Gymnastics to me isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. It is the gateway sport to all sports. It improves balance, strength, agility, flexibility, and sportsmanship. It is an individual sport where you get to be on a team but it's based on your own attributes and contribution."

All of her classes are a tonne of fun and age appropriate. She has a real talent for working with little people gaining their trust and helping them move past their fears.


Coach Heather is home town proud as she was born and raised right here in Sundre. Ms. Heather has had many years experience working with children in various settings, including gymnastics, dance, and her years in early education. 

This is Heather's sixth year with the club and third as the Pre-School head coach. She is looking forward to a great year ahead and can’t wait to meet you and your little ones and introduce them to the joy of Gymnastics.


These classes will be full of fun and imagination while integrating all the basic foundations of the sport. 

This year Ms. Heather will also coach for our Cangym program. As the preschoolers graduate from the tumbling tykes program she is excited to watch them move onto our older Cangym classes.  “Watching the kids grow and succeed both as athletes and as individuals, is amazing. I love the changes in abilities that we see, not only from year to year but even from week to week!”

Heather Hicks
Pre-School Head Coach
2019 Alberta Gymnastics Federation - Outstanding Recreational Coach

Coach Charlene, born and raised in Newfoundland was a gymnast at heart starting at an early age. Friends brought the world of gymnastics to Charlene in the 2nd grade. What started with rolls and cartwheels in the yard, quickly turned into handsprings, front tucks and then cheerleading in high school.

A great foundation for many sports, Charlene found that Gymnastics aided her in joining the wrestling club during high school, which she continued through University.

It was Charlene’s daughter who brought her back to gymnastics when she joined at 6 years of age. It didn’t take long for Charlene to realize that she wanted to coach and be a part of something that brought her so much joy in her childhood. Charlene finds many reasons to smile as a coach, and loves the hugs and appreciation she receives from her students and peers!

Charlene Farrell



We’re excited to welcome Coach Kali for her third year with the club. She has taken her Level 1 training and looks forward to helping the next generation of gymnasts. With her experience in competitive gymnastics, Coach Kali brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the club.

Kali Meadows
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