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Cynthia Spurrier

Head Coach

2010 Alberta Gymnastics Federation - Outstanding Recreational Coach

Cynthia Spurrier, Head Coach

Our SUCCESS starts with you! We at Sundre Gymnastics love to coach this sport. We take pride in achieving GOALS for each athlete and our own goals to be the best coaches we can be. We take time to TEACH our athletes love of the sport of gymnastics and the heart that goes with trying your best every class. We make it a priority to MOTIVATE each one of our students to try new skills and master old ones in turn our athletes also motivate us to be the best coaches we can be. We teach each athlete as an individual through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Our VISION is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and INSPIRE all the athletes we teach whether they are 18 months old or 18 years, through MENTORSHIP and TEAM WORK we attain an atmosphere where fun, fitness and fundamentals collide.


We offer gymnastics through a program called CanGym badge program, this program guides our athletes through the fundamentals of gymnastics using step by step progressions. The CanGym badge program is a nationally recognized curriculum for recreational gymnastics in Canada. It is a 14-level-skill based program. At each level, there are skills that must be achieved to move onto the next level. This program is for children six (6) and up. This program is based on ability and NOT on age. Although we cannot guarantee it, we always attempt to create groups/ classes for children of similar ages.

The badges in order from beginning to end are as follows:


Welcome to Sundre Gymnastics Club.

We hope you love it here as much as we do!

Heather Hicks, Pre-School Head Coach

Welcome and thank you for checking out our program! Our daytime coaching staff at SGC is looking forward to another great season! Our program will once again be ran out of the Sundre Community centre gym, conveniently located right next to River Valley School, Sundre High School and many other town sports facilities.

Heather Hicks
Pre-School Head Coach
2019 Alberta Gymnastics Federation - Outstanding Recreational Coach
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